He made my life- Life of a gang rape victim


Humanity still exists in this dark and cruel world. I had lost all hopes from life and had captured myself in the four walls of my room. Light used to make me annoyed and irritated. Darkness kept me away from the harsh realities of my life.

I had completed school and took admission in college. I was very happy to step in this new world and in a new phase of my life. Travelling by train to college also became an adventure. I had made two friends. They both lived in my colony. We travelled together daily. Like daily we were going back to home from college. The train was totally packed with crowd. Standing near the door, we were gossiping and laughing. Suddenly somebody touched my shoulder. I looked back; he was one of our college seniors. I got nervous and it could be clearly seen on my face. He asked me not to get nervous. He said that he just wanted to be my friend. I started shivering as I had never talked to any boy before. I kept looking at him and the train stopped. It was our station and I just jumped out of the train and rushed towards home. That night I couldn’t sleep. I still had the feel of his hand on my shoulder.

After that day many times, he came to me with his friendship proposal. I also got attracted towards him and we both became friends. He was a real man. I was in love with him. But soon misunderstandings took cover over our relationship. He became over possessive and shouted at me all the times. The sweet love story came to its end. But we were friends now too.

It was his birthday; I called him at 12:01 am and wished me. He told me that I was the first one to wish him. After a pause of 30 seconds, he invited me on his birthday party. I couldn’t deny as it was his birthday. I told my mom that today after college I will go to my friend’s home to study. I took my bag and went to college. Whole day, his thoughts kept running in my mind and I couldn’t concentrate in class.

I went to his home with my friend at 6:30 pm. He welcomed and introduced me to his family. He was surrounded by his friends and was enjoyed the party, It was 10:30 and we had to leave. I tried to tell him that we are leaving but he was busy. And we left without telling him. It was already too late and we couldn’t find any public transport and we took lift from a man. I asked him if he could drop us to the main road. He agreed and we sat in the car. He was continuously using his phone while driving. Suddenly, he took a wrong turn. My friend said that it is not the right way. He didn’t listen and kept driving. We shouted and asked him to stop the car. He applied sudden break and we just ran out of the car. My friend ran towards the bushy road and I started following her. Somebody caught my hairs from the back and dragged me on the road. I shouted for help but it was useless. I was lying on the road and there were six men standing around me and laughing. They took me in a tempo and closed the door behind. They took off my shirt and inserted it into my mouth.

Two days later, I found myself on a hospital bed as a gang rape victim. My family and police were standing beside my bed. I saw them and closed my eyes again. I didn’t answer any question and said that I wanted to go home.

Months passed and I was still in my room lying in the bed and fighting with my thoughts and past. Somebody knocked the door and called me. It was not anyone from my family. And I was hardly able to recognize the voice. I opened my eyes and he was sitting by my side on the bed. It was him, the love of my life. I looked at him and was speechless. Tears rolled down my eyes and I asked him to leave. He held my hand and said that he wanted to fight for me. I looked in his eyes and he kept his hand on my hand. I was the first time after that incident that I had a calm feeling without thoughts running in mind. I was at peace.

I told him that I had got nothing to fight for and I didn’t want to face the world. He said “You will not have to face the world as a gang rape victim now. You will come out to the world as my wife.”

I wasn’t able to believe my fate once again. Even I cannot believe it now. I am proud mother of two sons and a proud wife a loving husband. I don’t want anything in life now. But he is still fighting for me to get me justice.

He made my life- life of a gang rape victim.