Girl sacrifices tongue for Goddess Kaali

19 years old girl got her tongue cut

The world of superstitions once again muddled the mind of an educated person.  A 19 years old college going girl got her tongue as a tribute to goddess Kaali. She told that Goddess kaali came in her dream and asked her to sacrifice her tongue if she wanted to fulfill her deepest desires.

Even the girl got fainted after getting her tongue cut. People standing there instead of talking her to the hospital, covered her with a red chunni. The girl regained consciousness after five hours and performed other rituals like parikrma. 


Sachin, the superstitious girl’s brother told the media that he could not believe his sister could do this. He added that he had seen may uneducated people believing in such activities. But he could not digest the fact that his college going sister could do this.

The  matter of great concern is that the girl Aarti is literate. She is not supposed to believe in such things. In fact she being an educated youth should be an inspiration for the other people. But by doing this she has proved that superstition has nothing to do with education. It is just a mental state.

It has been seen since years that people have been found sacrificing  their body organs to god as a sign of their dedication. But it isn’t right. Such rituals are generally followed by savages and uneducated people. But when educated people start doing this, the society gets inclined towards its downfall.  People need to understand that sacrificing their body organs will not fulfill their wishes or desires.

Our government should take some initiatives to eradicate this superstitious behavior from the root level. Illiterate section of the society should be counselled to change their perspective towards such rituals and customs. But now even the literate section also needs to be counselled.