I didn’t know who my baby’s father was…


I was four months pregnant when I came to know about my pregnancy. It was too late to abort the baby. That night I could not sleep. My past which I had always been avoiding once again stroke my mind too hard.

I was three years old when my mother passed away. My father re-married and my stepmother entered my life as a devil. I was nothing more than a servant now. I never went to school with lunch. After returning home from school, I was supposed to do all the household tasks. My father now had two sons from my stepmother. They always teased me and pulled my hair. My father mostly lived out due to his business. I was regularly beaten by my stepmother.

Once she asked me to cook food for her. I was a child and not perfect at it. Accidently, I burnt the chapatti. My stepmother got angry and burnt my hand with the red hot frying spoon. I ran out of the house and this was the last time I saw my house. I don’t think they ever enquired for me being lost.

I was just 14, sitting on the footpath without any idea or thought in my mind. I was starving. A group of women, dressed in elegant and short dresses were standing beside me. One of them was continuously looking at me. She asked me if wanted to eat something. I said “yes”. She took me to a nearby restaurant and I ate like animals. She kept looking at me. I found her very kind. She asked me about my family and I told her everything. She offered me to live with her. I suddenly dropped the spoon from my hand. I was told in school not to go with strangers but I had no other option.


I went with her. It was a very crowded place. I had never seen such place. She took me in a house to a lady. The lady was very fat and vulgar. She touched me differently. I was not a normal touch. I was then taken in a room and was told that I will have to serve the customers, they will give me money and I could live happily.

I was just 14 when I served my first customer and entered the world of PROSTITUTION. I was young and beautiful and every customer wanted me to serve him. I was the most demanded prostitute of the brothel. I was living a normal life like other prostitutes until I came to know about my pregnancy.


I couldn’t abort the baby because it was of four months and I was just 17 to take that risk. I was abused and tortured by the owner of the brothel when she came to know about my pregnancy. She had to face a big loss as her on demand prostitute was pregnant. But I kept working till the last day when I gave birth to a baby boy.

The sister in the hospital gave my newly born in my hands and said “Where is the baby’s father?” I was speechless because I didn’t know who my baby’s father was. It was a few seconds pause and she asked again. I looked at her and said “He died.” She smiled and said that I will prove myself a best single mother.

I sent my son to hostel when he was just four years old because I never wanted him to know about my profession. I was not a demanded prostitute now but served customers for the whole day to make my son a man. I went to meet him twice in a year and never let him come home because there was no home. He many times asked me about his father but I always avoided his questions and told him that he died.

He is a software engineer now but I still live away from him. I don’t want my reality to affect his life. I don’t want him to be called son of a prostitute. But I will definitely tell him the truth before I die….